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…throughout the ecosystem of the Private Equity industry by offering a networking platform for you to reach your business development goals. Benefit from our conference expertise and let us prepare a tailored marketing plan for generating the engagement you are looking for.

Our offer includes solutions for brand recognition and to showcase your services and unique knowledge on stage at our panels and debates. We do pre-conference introductions to selected Limited Partners and General Partners for you as well as arranging for introductions throughout the day on the event. Simply send us your USP and Value Proposition in advance.

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Case Examples

DLA Piper
DLA Piper is one of the biggest law firms in the industry, meaning that their brand awareness is often already high. Hence, with our conferences DLA Piper has been able to show their clients and peers that they are paying attention to the latest PE trends. They also get to demonstrate why it is such a big firm, by showcasing it's expertise when moderating panel discussions. Therefore, Platinum sponsorship is specifically tailored for large law firms, as they can get industry exclusivity and become the main sponsor of the Conference, gaining a competitive advantage over fierce competition.

DLA Piper
Global Law Firm
SGG partner with us to capitalise on leads and meet with prospects. Moderating a panel and having an advertisement piece featured in our booklet are the first steps in order to trigger the attendees and let them know SGG is there. Then, having a reserved area onsite is the next step to get meetings with qualified leads conference after conference. Being associated with our conferences has brought a level of brand recognition that is undeniable, being the reason why SGG Group takes our events as an ongoing tool for their Business Development goals.

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