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7th Annual Iberian Private Equity Conference

The 7th Annual Iberian Private Equity Conference will bring together more than 350 delegates of the leading investors and funds in the world. Through our Private Equity Target programme, we bring in promising organisations, so that you can find those proprietary deals. We are looking forward to seeing you!


The Westin Palace, Madrid


Thursday 2nd, April 2020
08:00 - 18:00

Who attends?

Limited Partners

General Partners


Meet and network with your peers in the industry

Meet the CxOs in charge of your next Private Equity target

Get insights into life as a CxO of a Private Equity owned company

4+ hours of networking, making sure you get full value from the day

Find proprietary deals, in your vertical and segment

Looking to raise capital? Find the right investor through our Matchmaking process

Meet interesting Funds through our Qualified Meetings programme, where we match you with new and relevant people

Fundraising? Market yourself to the right Limited Partners

Concerned to be PE backed? Understand the pitfalls and the opportunities

Get insights on where to invest, and where not to invest

Where to gain a competitive edge and find opportunities for growth in 2019

Questions and concerns on Exits? Gain insights to how and when – and to whom you should exit?

Investing direct? Find deals that fit your specifications

Insights from top funds, on how to structure funds, find deals, grow the business and on achieving the highest exit multiple possible

Gain knowledge from top funds on how to grow your company through a range of high-level panels

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Capital Introductions

We facilitate over 150 qualified meetings through our curated matchmaking. Our analysts reach out to the Limited Partners attending the conference, to understand if they are interested in having meetings. On average more than 75% of the Limited partners are.

Through our long established relations with our network we understand what these Limited Partners are looking for, which generates a targeted outreach to General Partners, Service Providers and CxOs who match their criteria. General Partners being selected in this process then follow the same procedure.

This guarantees we provide the highest quality qualified meetings and introductions to Institutional Investors, Funds, Service Providers, and CxOs.

The Sponsors

When it comes to Sponsors, we work slightly different than other providers. Normally value is intangible, but with us, it is not. Before a conference we create a targeted sponsorship plan together, setting the expectations and the goals for the conference. On the day, we make sure that those goals are achieved so that we can send you a beautiful performance report the week after the conference. A report that shows how much value you got out of the conference – with tangible measures.

Without the help of our high-quality and value-adding sponsors, this conference would not come true.

We are delighted to be able to partner up with the following organisations and look forward to helping them achieve their individual targets.

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Our Partners work with us across our 11 yearly conferences. They are essential for the conference to be a success, as they are able to help us with introduction to speakers, marketing campaigns to potential delegates and sponsors, and as they really help us spread the word of Private Equity Insights. Some of our partners are local associations, business schools, networks, and others are media partners helping us sharing the message and positioning our conferences as the “must-attend” conferences everywhere we go.